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The Master Path to Using Social Media for Small Business


Social Media Management

Social media management is a new way small business owners can use to promote their business online. In fact, next to inbound marketing, social media for small business has very fast become one of the best online marketing tools to use. However, we should keep in mind that time is the most significant cost related to using social media for small business.

Social Media for Small Business

Most small business owners are busy running all aspects of their business and don't have extra time for social media management. That is the reason why it's important to create a marketing plan. In particular, you should set goals for your social media activity and look for information about each network you plan to participate in. That way you can reduce the learning curve and avoid wasting time.

This collection of articles provides an overview of how to use social media for small business. It also gives tips and advice on specific networks, so you can use them as effectively as possible.

7 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media

Social media can quickly become overwhelming. In fact, there are many ways you can use social platforms to promote your business. And to top it all off, there are also quite many social networks available for businesses. Also, there is a vast amount of resources available on how to use social media. Instead of being helpful, this sometimes causes even more confusion. The basic getting-started tips in this article certainly will help you get going on the right track. MORE

7 Things to Avoid When You're Growing Your Social Media Presence

It's important to have a list of things to do when you are getting started. But it might also be helpful to have a list of things you must avoid. Having such a list will allow you to develop your community and leverage your social media presence. Thus, this article outlines 7 things you should NOT do when using social media for small business. MORE

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

One of the main goals of social media management is to be aware of customers' value and needs. Then, businesses can start building relationships. These may lead to new opportunities. In many cases, this translates into providing customer service and support via their social networks. Small business owners open to this level of interaction with their customer base soon find out that it is a powerful method to promote their business and strengthen their brand's reputation. This article provides some tips for using social media to conduct customer service. MORE

A Guide to Using Facebook for Business

Most probably, you should now have a handle on a couple of general tips and best practices on how to use social media for small business. So it's time to dig into specific social networks. Facebook is by far the most popular network. And, it's often a great starting point since many people are already familiar with it from their personal use. Therefore, this collection of articles provides advice, practical tips and resources on how to use Facebook in a small business. MORE

5 Tips for Getting Started with Twitter in Your Small Business

Twitter is a microblogging platform. This means that "tweets" must be equal to or less than 140 characters. As a matter of fact, Twitter is totally different from Facebook in terms of promotion, engagement and interaction. Nevertheless, it may be a very effective tool for several small businesses. The most important part for getting started with Twitter is figuring out the best way to use it and understanding the platform. So this article will help you get started. MORE

Getting a Grip on Google+

Google+ is a social network that intertwines with Google search and other Google products. Even though it is similar in style, it also contains some very unique features which set it apart. This short article includes a list of resources to guide you through understanding Google+. In particular, learn how to incorporate it into your local marketing activities. MORE

12 Tips for Making Your Business Blog a Success

When you think of social networks, you may not instantly think of blogs. Nevertheless they're a key part of social media. In fact, having a blog not only allows you to provide your target audience with relevant, useful and engaging content, but also gives your readers a chance to interact with you. For example, they can post comments on your blog articles and share them on other social networks. Additionally, this social aspect elevates a blog from a static website into a platform with great potential! In this informative article, we are providing 12 essential tips for having a successful business blog. MORE

7 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Small Business

The newest social network on the social media scene is Pinterest. In particular, it gives a new focus to social networking, which is image branding. On the surface, it may seem that Pinterest works essentially for businesses that sell visual products or services. Actually there are a number of different ways small businesses can use Pinterest. This informative article provides 7 tricks to get you thinking. MORE