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Sustainable Development: A Lever for Brand Innovation & Excellency


Sustainable development has been defined in many ways. However, the most common definition is the one stated by the Brundtland Commission in 1987: "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
In this article, we are expressing our vision of sustainable development as a lever for brand innovation, competitive advantage and new market opportunities.

Sustainable Development
A Lever for Brand Innovation
Competitive Advantage
New Market Opportunities

The core idea of sustainable development is in the ability to balance different and sometimes competing economic, social and environmental needs.

Sustainable development goals should be clearly stated in every company. Moreover, they should be integrated across all functions of an organization. In fact, the Supply Chain management should guarantee product responsibility through proper training, standards and monitoring. In addition, the Human Resources department is responsible for creating a common corporate identity and culture of sustainability… So, what about the Marketing and Communication departments?

Sustainable Development & New Market Opportunities

Much too often, marketers don’t understand the potential of sustainable values. Or they try to use them as tools to deceive their customers. Instead, marketers should realize that by creating a shared vision of sustainability, they raise the company's profile as a whole. Finally, it allows them to develop a brand innovation strategy and create long-term values. In fact, marketers should find ways to benefit from the challenges of sustainable development. In particular, they should see them as opportunities for the company.

When developing and implementing a marketing plan, marketers should ask themselves the following questions.

  • Is it going to help build the trust of customers and society as a whole?
  • Most of all, can this lead to new market opportunities?

Sustainable Development & Competitive Advantage

Companies create competitive advantages by quickly identifying and responding to emerging trends. Thus, by understanding the social and environmental concerns of society, companies can turn sustainability into a mean for differentiation. In fact, is can contribute to market growth. Moreover, as a brand is at the same time an image, a lifestyle, and a set of values, companies can create competitive advantage through brand innovation. In addition, companies can develop and build new market opportunities via initiatives to promote local culture instead of cultural standardization.

Sustainable Development & Brand Innovation

Companies should keep in mind that true sustainable development allows them to build trust with their customers. Also, they can improve their customers' loyalty through inspiring communications, credibility and true concerns about their social and environmental impacts, .

At Lux Inbound, we are proud to have deep sustainability values. In fact, our goal is to help companies understand sustainability as a lever for brand innovation and a path towards excellency. We help companies implement marketing plans through inbound marketing, local marketing, social media management (Google+, business blog,...), web design, as well as ethical, social and environmental values for a sustainable growth. Don't hesitate to contact us NOW.