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12 astuces pour créer votre blog d’entreprise

Business blog blogging content creation

12 Tips for Making a Successful
Business Blog


Blogging and content creation can be very powerful tools for all types of small business owners. In fact, a business blog is one of the best ways to leverage your content.

12 Tips for Your Business Blog

In this blog post, we're giving you tips on blogging and content creation. In addition, we'll talk about how to turn a business blog into a successful component of your digital marketing plan.

Blogging and Content Creation

1. Post Frequently.

There are no set rules in regards to posting frequency. In fact, whether you post every day or once a week, the most important factor is that you blog on a consistent schedule. Also content creation matters!

2. Provide Useful, Relevant and Valuable Information.

In general, the more useful the information you post, the more readers you will attract and the more likely they'll become regular readers.

3. Ask for and Respond to Comments.

First of all, make a point to share and ask people's opinions on each post in your comments section. And when they do have something to say, acknowledge their comments, even when their point of view differs from your own.

4. Have a Focus, but Be Willing to go Off-Topic.

Although it is good to have a clear focus in regards to your blogging topics, too much of anything can be a turn-off. So, be willing to introduce new topics or a new strategy to a common topic. It will add interest and increase engagement.

5. Make It Easy to Subscribe.
You can attract more subscribers by offering multiple options -- access to the RSS feed plus a post-by-email option are popular choices.

6. Promote and Share What You Write.

Unless you are reminding them that your blog exists, do not expect your readers to catch every single post you write. Thus, sharing links in your newsletters, on your website, on your social media profiles and even in your email signature will encourage people to click through.

7. Mix Up Your Format.

In the event you typically write text posts, try mixing in a few shorter posts or adding images to see whether it changes your page views. You may even consider throwing in an occasional video post to add a new level of interest.

8. Have a Point of View.

All it takes is a little controversy to get your blog on the map. So, don't be afraid to take a stand on a hot topic in your industry, and then encourage discussion in your comments.

9. Make It Easy to Read.

For example, use sub-headings, bullets and other formatting wherever appropriate. In fact, it will make it easier for your readers to skim and zero in on the most important information in your posts.

10. Proofread your Posts.

If possible, ask a colleague to proofread your posts for you to make certain they are error-free.

11. Share a Little Bit of You.

Your business blog may be about business, however that really doesn't mean there isn't a place to mention your personal life and experiences.

12. Think of a Marathon Rather Than a Sprint.

After all, it takes time for a business blog to create a loyal following. So being consistent and steady will help you win the race when it comes to blogging.

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