From NYC to Lausanne | Digital Mediums & Keywords for B2B and B2C
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De l’effervescence moderne et dynamique de New York à la ville médiévale romantique de Lausanne

Digital mediums B2B B2C keywords

From the Modern Vibrant Hustle-Bustle of New York City to the Romantic Medieval Town of Lausanne


We are a leading B2B and B2C digital marketing company located in two of the most beautiful cities in the world: Lausanne and New York! In this article, we are talking about how to use digital mediums and keywords effectively to deliver the right message.

From NYC to Lausanne. What Are the Best Digital Mediums and Keywords To Use for B2B and B2C.

With over 2 million small businesses in New York and an average annual turnover rate of 14.5%, staying in business and ahead of the competition is a daunting task for any entrepreneur. In particular, proactive companies will go to great lengths by investing in internal marketing experts and B2B / B2C consultants. However, the question still stands: "what works best for my vertical"?

Digital Mediums for B2B and B2C

For the past decade, most B2B and B2C companies have been turning to all channels of digital marketing for the answer. Additionally, marketers analyze 1,000’s of keywords and long-tail keywords. Moreover, they research how to structure those keywords in compelling content that educates and converts prospects into fans of the company. Finally, the ultimate goal is to convert them into customers.

However, that strategy is one small fish in an endless sea of digital space. And this space is ever evolving from algorithms and new digital mediums and keywords. In fact, the best marketers in New York educate themselves on a daily basis by analyzing client analytics to see what digital mediums work best for their industry and growth goals. Furthermore each company is battling for the top spot in an organic digital one-page universe that only features 10 on the face of the planet. Although, we all know you can buy your way to the top, the data shows that can sometimes be a waste of time and marketing spend.

How to Get the Most ROI?

How do you get the most ROI when you have a couple hundred thousands competitors in a 10-mile radius?

Forging relationships with your targeted B2B or B2C demographic on a human level needs to be the primary objective. In fact, positioning your company as the PhD’s of your industry offering free and unbiased information is the best place to start. On the one hand, people want to make informed decisions. And on the other hand, they don't want to feel like they are just a number on a spreadsheet. Most noteworthy, we buy from emotion and justify with logic. Hence our messages need to paint a deep vivid movie in the mind and stimulate the left side of our brains as well.

Think of the last time you read a piece of content and you felt like it was written just for you, as if by some stretch of the magical universe you projected your thoughts into the mind of the author. Actually, this is a rare occurrence. However, when it happens, you are witnessing true inbound marketing mastery. The expert knows exactly what keywords to use. And also he knows where, when and which digital mediums you need to see the piece on. Ultimately, they'll make you feel like you projected your thoughts into the universe and it answered.

Our goal is to invoke that type of experience with our B2B and B2C clients prospects on every campaign we develop and nurture.

About Us

Today we are working in a new thriving and beautiful market in Lausanne, Switzerland. Due to incredible universities like EPFL and UNIL, Lausanne has one of the strongest startup scenes per-capita we have witnessed in some time. In fact, these universities offer topnotch education and instill into the mindsets of their students how it is better to create jobs then to look for one.

Thus, we are looking forward to helping build the next great companies of tomorrow here in Lausanne. And we'll do that by implementing the time tested battle-hardened digital marketing methodologies we perfected by working in one of the most competitive markets in the world, New York City. Ultimately, we are here to develop success stories that will be told long after we're gone. The area we gain the most satisfaction in is taking young companies and growing with them from day one. In fact, we are in the relationship business and we see all of our clients as part of the family.

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Date : 04/27/17 By Jayson Lux

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